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Does my mattress have anything to do with how well or how long I hold my adjustments?


Oh it very well might. Once a vertebral subluxation has been corrected, it stays corrected until something throws it out again. Now I mentioned earlier weight lifting, doing the same thing, causing strain on certain areas (see question 10). Certain jobs do the same thing, certain mattresses do the same thing, certain shoes do the same thing. So there are many different things that have to do with how well or how poorly you hold your adjustment.


Now don’t expect your chiropractor to recommend any particular mattress, although some chiropractors might. If you have any question about your mattress, about your shoes, or your exercise program then you can experiment for yourself. You could try sleeping on a different mattress for a while and seeing if that helps you hold your adjustments better. And, if it does you can buy whatever mattress works better for you, and the same it is for every other aspect of life. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again without changing it, that obviously has a lot to do with how well or how poorly you hold your adjustments. If you can find out for yourself what things cause you to hold adjustments and what things cause you to lose adjustments then you can regulate your whole life a lot better, not depending upon the advice of others.


Remember the vast majority of vertebral subluxations have no symptoms. So, you cannot go off of how you are feeling. If you go to the chiropractor and you are not as subluxated, then perhaps the change you have made to your life is helping you to hold your adjustments better.


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