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Fee System


“Single” options

(1 adult & all kids 17 &under)

“Family” options

(Both spouses & all kids 17 &under)

Month of Unlimited Visits= $120 Month of Unlimited Visits=$175
Year of Unlimited Visits=$90/month* Year of Unlimited Visits=$120/month*
Year of Unlimited Visits=$950** Year of Unlimited Visits=$1250***

* Must sign a 1-year contract with a recurring bank draft where fees are deducted from the account each month.
** Must pay full amount upfront, ends up ~$80/month

*** Must pay full amount upfront, ends up ~$104/month

  • Free Consultation
  • No X-rays Required
  • No Appointments Necessary in Pontotoc or Verona offices (After 1st Visit)
  • No Insurance Needed

*CHILDREN 17 AND UNDER INCLUDED, no matter what option you choose!


OPEN:M,T,W,TH,F, &Sat, Sun by appointment, See Office Hours for specific times.


Call 24 Hours a Day!


Discover how much better LIFE can be when you and your family are free of nerve interference.  Remember, the nerve system controls EVERYTHING!!!! 


Without Chiropractic in your life, you will never be all that you could have been.


Office Locations


Pontotoc Office:
171 E. Oxford St.
Pontotoc, MS 38863
(662) 489-3322

Verona Office:
5047 Raymond Ave
Verona, MS 38870
(662) 566-4440

Tupelo Office:
600 W. Main St.
Tupelo, MS 38804
(662) 488-5234

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